I have done this before…

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We own a house at the beach that we bought in 2001. It was built in the 80’s and needed some updating. We smoothed popcorn ceilings, took down wallpaper, replaced carpet with tile floors and updated the bathrooms. We tore out the kitchen and started over- new cabinets, countertops and appliances.


You can see it here.


Pretty in Pink

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I like pink as much as the next girl, but isn’t this a bit much?

^^This is the downstairs hallway.

^^This is the upstairs hallway.

^^And this is the sewing room. The interior of a double closet at the other end of the hallway is painted the same color, shelves included.  Sherwin Williams #477 Pepto Bismol.

One more:

We need a new roof

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Fortunately, it is easier to find a roofer than a “foundation fixer.”  After getting several quotes and making numerous calls to finalize details, the roofer starts on Monday. The main roof is shingled and there are two flat roofs to replace- one over the front porch and one over the screened porch. There is a flat roof over the carport, but it appears to be less than five years old, so I am not replacing it now, but I will keep an eye on it.

Another professional was needed to take care of the “wildlife” that decided to move in the attic.  The critter catchers trapped (and released?) four squirrels and patched the hole they used to gain entry. I’m glad we didn’t find this instead:


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The previous owner installed temporary jacks under the house to take the “movement” out of the floor. After much internet research, numerous phone calls and three estimates, I have hired a construction company to remove the jacks and pour concrete piers to better support the floor. They start on Monday.

Water leaks and gas leaks

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The toilet in an upstairs bathroom started leaking and soaked the floor in the bedroom below. When the water was turned off, a gas leak was detected. A local plumber fixed the toilet and replaced the gas lines as they were too old to be fixed.

This is the damage to the ceiling caused by the water leak:

It has a nice yard.

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^^New demolition project. It looks okay on the outside, but there is a giant hole in the roof and from the inside it looks like it’s about fall down.

We are joining a work already in progress…

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The blog is new, the journey is not. We bought this house four years ago and have not made much progress to date. All that is about to change.

The two story brick house was built in 1963.  Five bedrooms, four and half bathrooms; about 3800 square feet on a nice half acre lot with some beautiful old trees.

I wish I had pictures from the beginning, but since I don’t I’ll have to give you word pictures.  The first order of business was to remove old, stinky carpet which covered hardwood floors. The carpet pad had adhered to to the floor and required much scraping and cursing before it was dispatched.  Left behind were many, many carpet staples which had to be removed by hand.

Next, I scraped and peeled wallpaper as the walls had apparently not been primed before it was installed.

The kitchen was small with an adjoining breakfast room complete with a pass through window where the June Cleaver-like mom was supposed to pass the lovingly prepared food to her adoring family. That wall needed to come down. The kitchen cabinets smelled pretty bad due to absorbing 40+ years of kitchen odors. I had them torn out which inspired the following conversation with my mom:

Mom: Why don’t you rent it (the empty house)?

Me: I can’t, I tore out the kitchen because the cabinets smelled bad.

Mom: You could have just painted them.

Me: Doh!

This is the present state of the kitchen:

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