This old house needs new shutters. These are on the second floor windows:

These are on the first floor windows:

These are solid wood and they are working shutters; they can be closed to cover the windows.


1) Replace all with vinyl shutters (these do not close). Lowe’s has them in stock for $50 per pair, or

2) Replace all with wood shutters. Lowe’s has these for $400 per pair, painted.

We were shocked by the price difference and thought hard about the vinyl. After much thought and input from friends, we were leaning towards wood.  Upon further inspection of the existing shutters, Hubby decided some of them could be salvaged.  The kicker?   They have three raised panels (20/40/40) and have to be special ordered, so we chose option 3:

3) Salvage some and replace with rest with wood raised panel shutters from an internet company. They cost $200 a pair, primed with free shipping. The company can be found here. They are going to be delivered today. I am hoping to salvage the hardware from the old shutters. I wonder how much it will cost to paint them?