Raise your hand if you can’t resist kicking fire anthills. I know I can’t. I love to see them erupt from the nest.  They are so mad, it makes me shiver.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve gotten stung, my time is probably coming.  Years ago, I came really close to a mass attack while spreading pine straw. I was hugely pregnant at the time.  I looked down and my sweatshirt was covered with them. I have never divested myself of an article of clothing so fast! A good friend of mine tells this story: she was at a car dealership and stepped off the pavement into the grass. When she felt the first sting and saw she was covered with them, she starting taking off all her clothes! Thanks for sharing, S.W.!

Readers do you have any good fire ant stories? I’d love to hear them. Meanwhile, here are some pics: